A powerhouse with a number of illustrious and successful careers. Anything she sets her mind to, she’ll knock it out of the park. Carlyn now turns to an ambitious project of the heart. She brought an entire community together to sponsor as many Syrian families as possible, and in many ways has now built a larger family for herself.



A rambunctious, inquisitive child. As the youngest of the family, he’s truly the baby of the bunch and always getting his way. With such a large age gap between him and his eldest siblings, his path of adjusting to a new country, language and culture will be dramatically di erent than the others.



A mother, wife and matriarch to this lively and loving family brimming with energy. Bending ideas many Canadians may have of conservative Muslim households, Sawsen holds a great deal of power and sway. She is the glue to this family – kind, a strong sense of humour and openhearted.


Slieman is the eldest son and has been given many of the family’s most daunting responsibilites. At 14 years old, Slieman was sent by Abdel-Malek to Lebanon to prepare a safe haven for the family. He had to quit school and work in a quarry. Slieman remains nostalgic for the simpler times the family used to have before the war.